Team Captain, Roberta with Co-Captain Karen

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day Three: 5 miles

Today, Jeanette joined our team! WOO HOO! Welcome, Jeanette! I'm sure you'll help the team set a brisk pace.

Splendid evening for a run. The hills are starting to brown :(, but most of the area on this particular run (except up the not-too-big-ass hill) is still pretty verdant, since it's shaded. I always hate to see the green go, which always happens around Mother's Day. Wildflowers are beginning to pop - the thistles will be awesome very shortly.

Here's the view from part-way up the not-too-big-ass hill. The distant hills on the horizon are the Santa Cruz mountains. So when I pass this point, I wave to Rocky and Jean.

And this is the homeward leg.

Click here to view the run.

Only $2259 more to raise!


  1. Not too brisk a walk ... you will leave your co-c in the dust.
    $2259? No prob!

  2. I am the slowest walker on the face of the earth, Mrs Harris. No worries. And I'll spend so much time bitching about my back that you might pray that I leave you in the dust!

  3. We're going to have to plan some training walks with Jeanette & Thumper!

  4. My friend Phyllis joined as crew today.
    Is Michelle joining Blogger Babes?