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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 12 - 14: 0 Miles

Rain. Rain. Rain. So no walking, just yoga.

Monday was a washout anyway, cuz we were up most of the night. Jeff had a bad reaction to some meds, and we thought we'd end up at ER. Fortunately, it passed, but I slept several hours after I got home. With the rain, I don't feel guilty for not walking.

I did buy some new snazzy PINK New Balance shoes. They have wide sizes, and I'm hopeful that the extra width will help with my sore right paw (which doesn't generally hurt when I'm wearing sandals, just shoes.) Even if my paw still hurts, at least I'll by stylishly pink. Might even buy a second pair.

KYOOT, no???

And just a quick plug for Zappos: free shipping that was upgraded to overnight for free -- so they were on my feet less than 24 hrs after I ordered them. I love love love Zappos.

$2109 to go!

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