Team Captain, Roberta with Co-Captain Karen

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day One: 5 Miles

I did the short loop run down around the south end of the lake and back: 5 miles. Notable sighting: a group of Canada Geese on the trail, with a Jackson-Pollockesque mine field of green goosie poop, which required quite a bit of tap dancing around to navigate. They were very vocal in cheering me on. No word on how much they plan to donate.

Click here to see the track. Until the Bay to Breakers is over, all of my training will be running. After that, I'll add walking mileage.

I only have $2300 more to raise!!

The most exciting thing that happened today: Roberta appointed me TEAM CO-CAPTAIN!!! I just about wet my pants.


  1. And after the Bay to Breakers ... you will only WALK!
    I only have to raise $2280! I'm way ahead of you partner!!!

  2. Can. Not. Wait. I'm so excited we're all walking together!