Team Captain, Roberta with Co-Captain Karen

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 17: 5 Miles

Didn't walk yesterday --- rain, again. So was eager to get to it.

Went to the Training Meeting today. It was held across from the San Jose Rose Garden which was in full bloom. After learning stuff like what blowdrying facilities are available in camp (none), and how far you have to walk before you can jump on the sweep van (none), I took a walk through the rose garden. DKM, they weren't your dad's roses, but they were pretty darned great:

Got home and walked 5 miles with Jeff.

It was a tough walk to start, with fierce, freezing winds, but we made it through.


  1. I thought I commented on this post.
    I thought I said something about Jeff.
    I'm wondering how he did that to his body ...
    can he really turn like that?

  2. Mrs Harris, he can even put his ankles behind his neck. (And my ankles behind his neck, for that matter.)