Team Captain, Roberta with Co-Captain Karen

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 15: 6 miles

My first official training "walk" today. New shoes felt great. When down to the lake, but extended the length of my usual course by crossing the bridge and running up the Northern end of the lake. The best part??? FINDING A BIRD NEST. I collect 'em (this one looks like a bushtit nest).

The funniest part of the walk was this out-of-order chemical toilet. How the hell does a chemical toilet with NO MOVING PARTS get declared out of order? Maybe a coon crawled in and drowned in the pool of blue poop n pee. I think I'm better off not knowing what happened.

Here's the bridge I cross to get to the Northern end of the lake:

Here I am, tall, skinny and sideways:

This is where I am, at the northern end of the lake:

And here's the view of it from the southern shore trail, where I am about 20 mins later:

Had a little problem getting a good GPS sig, so part of the walk was not recorded.

Here's the track, you can see for yourself.

So far, training is going really well. Fundraising, not so much.


  1. deer fl,
    deez ar sum nice pikshurz.
    mi mom sez yer not suppozed to run ... jus walk. jus sayin.

  2. My bad, it was a typo. I actually did walk. Really.