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Friday, July 2, 2010

JULY 2: 90-min bootcamp (weights and cardio) with Coach Tasty Face

I wasn't going to work out today, but Jeff shamed me into it (thanks, honey!)

The gym won't let you work out in flip flops (the only thing I can wear that doesn't kill my foot), so I took a decrepit antique pair of Nikes and cut out a hole where the MTP joint is. I look like an okie, but it works pretty well.

The abscess does not seem to be growing much as I first expected it would, so I might be able to avoid ER this weekend. Which is good, because when I was admitted to the hospital a few years ago with my butt boil, they took WAAAY too many Polaroids of it, all of which, I'm pretty sure, were posted to a butt boil fetishist website. I don't mind so much if the photos were posted online, I just would like a cut of the action.

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