Team Captain, Roberta with Co-Captain Karen

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 JULY: Cross Training: Weights/Cardio 90 mins

I thought Coach Tasty Face wouldn't be doing a workout this afternoon cuz he swam this morning and has a meet Sunday (I get to be his cheerleader!), but turns out he wanted to do weights, so I went to the gym with him. It was a good choice, because the blister could use a day of rest.

We do 3 flavors of weight workouts: light weights/high reps, med weight/med reps, and the heavy weights/low reps. Today was heavy weight, low reps. I was a little preturbed at a few women there who seemed to think it was okay to park their heinies on the equipment and talk on the phone while we were waiting for them to finish. Maybe they were just hypnotized by the brilliant blue-white glare from Coach TF's very shiny white legs.

It was a brutal workout. I gave it my all and am sitting here now bemoaning the fact that we do not have a jacuzzi. And an in-house masseuse named Sven.

1 comment:

  1. Coach TF will miss torturing you when you're in the Big Apple.
    I'm putting off walking.
    I have a little torture planned for 11 o'clock when I go to the periodontist.
    looking forward.