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Friday, June 25, 2010

25 and 26 JUNE: Rest Days

Friday was an unexpected rest day, due to unforeseen MIL duties. And I was really depressed over Whitey Ford.

Saturday we had to go to the opera, and it was an all-day affair.

I have a doc appt on Tuesday, and I'll get a podiatrist referral then. Hoping he'll shoot my foot full of prednizone or something to kill the pain.


  1. OK ... so I'm reading back and now know that it's your foot! What's going on? I went to an orthopedist about my gout ... and, after x-rays and working my big toe a bit ... he told me it's arthritis. Hasn't hurt that much lately. (Not at all today.) Go figure. It hurts to get old.

  2. When I switched from running to walking, the problem with my foot got much worse. It might be a function of the longer time spent on it when walking. I noticed when I was out for 2 or 3 hrs, it was much worse. My runs usually maxed out at 2 hrs.

    Two things aggravate it: enclosed shoes and impact exercise (even low impact). So the last couple of weeks I've kept off of it, worn flipflops only and have switched my workouts to weights and recumbent bike cardio. All that helps, but I'm not pain-free. And it's clear I won't be able to walk 60 miles on it, so I'm going to the podiatrist and see if he can either fix it or shoot me up with prednizone.

    It's likely a nerve problem, and I've had it for a long time -- ever since the early 80s when I wore 4-in heels to work every day. I really screwed up the joint doing that.

    I hope it's not gout. That's an old lady disease!

  3. I think gout is an old MAN disease!
    Anyhoo ... it's not gout.
    What about walking sandals?
    I'm going to google that.